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    When creating a new entry instead of using the scroll wheel select the month or day area and just type the number or month using the keybaord. Its faster and easier than scrolling.
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    Found that myself this week and then wondered why I hadn't been doing it all along.
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    Wow, no more scroll wheels. That should stop some of the ongoing complaints that the calendar is so hard to use. It also works with the "Jump to Date" function by tapping the header bar. People have been complaining about how difficult it is to navigate around the calendar and this makes it very easy and quick.

    I use Agenda and Quick Event mostly to enter events, but sometimes I need to do it through the calendar itsel. This is great.

    Now all we need is calendar search and I'll be in heaven.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jc924 View Post
    I use Agenda and Quick Event mostly to enter events, but sometimes I need to do it through the calendar itsel.
    The biggest problem with the calendar (and task app) is there no month view when changing an event. No way of knowing the days of the week. I stopped using Agenda and Quick Event, I now use google calendar via the browser. it is a lot faster than the pre calendar and when changning an event you get the month view. I mainly use the pre calendar as "read only". Oh you should try googyOS which gives access to googles services in one app. Funny thing the google calendar shortcut gives you an agenda view first with the ability to do quick events.

    The fact that you have to use agenda/quick event in order to use the calendar is why so many people have problems with the pre's calendar. Those features should already be included.
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    Rather than start a new thread, I thought I'd add an interesting one I found today (I didn't see this posted on a quick search):

    rather than tapping on the date bar on the top of the screen and selecting "go to today" to get back to today, you can also tap on the day view button (the leftmost button of the bottom 3) when IN day view. It'll jump back to today. (ex: if you're looking at the day july 15th, and you want to go back to today (Feb 12), just tap the already highlighted day view button on the bottom and it'll jump back to today)

    same for weeks: if you want to jump back to THIS week from within the week view, just tap on the already highlighted week view button (the middle one) on the bottom.

    Same for months as well.
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