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    While trying to dl tweaks for the first time, I misread the instructions and accidently ran EPR. I can't figure out how to reverse it and I can't access the "Online Repository" tab; it gives me the "error downlading package feed". What do I need to do in order to be able to download tweaks? I've tried deleting the Web0S quick install and everything else that I downloaded w/ it and reinstalled but the same problem reoccured.
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    It's gona be ok(always wanted to say that)
    EPR doesn't do anything remove but patches from you pre so thats not ur problem.
    before i give you my advice i say do a search for webos quick install that
    thread should help you out a bit
    if that doesn't work just come back here and we'll figure it out
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    Did you reboot!
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    doesnt need you to enter the konami code again??
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    If you ran EPR all you should have to do is re-download any patches you have before. Only time to worry is if you ran EPR with a theme.

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    Thread closed.

    Please use the new the Emergency Patch Recovery (EPR) thread.

    - Craig

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