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    Get them pixis
    They wont get too much lag since they're not going to be using CPU-intensive apps, and it will be easy to differentiate from yours. Also, they might like back covers and those work with touchstone too!
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    I don't think the Pre is rugged/robust enough for them. It's a fragile phone and dropping it could seriously hinder or disable it completely. The OS is great but the hardware is fragile.
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    Im 13 and I think that it will be fine for them. I have installed patches...and homebrews and everything is fine. Also I have dropped the phone a few times and it is fine.
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    I have 4 kids, the oldest is 16, he has a Blackberry, my 15 daughter is on her 2nd phone so we got her Pre in Sept. The 12 year and 11 year old both have dumb phones that can do very little like e-mail and internet, the younger 2 this is there first phone and do not need all the things and speed of a Smartphone for there first phone, 2 years they can upgrade depending how they treated there current phones. The Pixi was not aviable when we bought them.
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    You should get your kids webOS devices.. heres why:

    While the Pre isn't very sturdy (according to some) Sprint offers wonderful insurance and I've never had any issues getting my Pre replaced. I've gotten it replaced four times with no questions asked btw. The Pixi may hold up better and be better suited for them but either way, if you have any issues, Sprint will take care of you!

    You can also use them as a way to communicate to your kids. Create a google account for each of them and sync calendar events to them. Have a family get-to-gether coming up? Give your kids a reminder! You log onto the Google account on your computer, add the event and then it syncs with your kids Calendar App on the Pre/Pixi! How cool is that?!

    You can also do the same with Contacts. Easily add emergency contacts on the fly from their Google accounts so they're synced into their Contacts list. You don't have to touch their phones.

    As others have mentioned you could also use App to get your kids location so you'll know where their at.

    A family with webOS enabled devices could be a very strong and cohesive one with very good communication!

    I wish my family was like that!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jacarmn View Post
    I really appreciate all the comments....

    The Pixi might be the way to go for my kids. The problem is I got them both Pre(s) that will be activated after Christmas. I could always take them back but I will pay more for them than I paid for the Pre(s). I got them on Black Friday at BB for $79 and the Pixi is $99. If the price on the Pixi goes down then maybe it would be better to exchange them for Pixi(s)!
    Aren't Pixi's 25$ at WalMart, and the same on
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    My kids 13 and 11 have HTC touch Pros.... The webos for the Pre is more user friendly than WinMo... My kids would love Pres and I think they would be a good fit for them.

    So, I would have to say the Pre wouldn't be a bad phone for your kids.

    But no one knows your kids like you do...
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    Thanks all for your opinions. I really appreciate all the input.
    I have until right before Christmas to decide if I keep the Pre(s) for the kids or trade them in for Pixi(s). I'm leaning toward keeping the Pre(s).

    I will definately put skinz on them and cases before they use them.

    I'm also going to monitor their usage and will not hesitate to take the phones away if they are not responsible and moral in their actions. They really are good kids and I trust them to do the right thing.
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    Gmail services like contact and calendar syncing is available across most platforms like windows mobile and it is integrated into android OS extremely well. As far as location services Google maps has a service called Latitude which shares the location of who ever uses it on Google maps and its free. I use it on my touch pro 2 but for some reason its not available on the Pre, anyone know why that is?
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    Yep, depends. You know your kids best. If they didn't ask for one, i wouldn't give them one is the only thing i'll add. In fact, it'd be up to the kiddo to present a good case.
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