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    I'm sure there are other threads relating to this, I can't belive I've searched here for thirty minutes and found none...but here goes.
    Anyone else experiencing the pre heating up when in use..and I mean HOT.
    I've taken off the back cover with the thought it was the battery, but it wasn't was the wiring/processor...whatever is below the batt.
    Advice? Information?

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    There have been a few that I've read that have experienced this. I think they said it was hardware problems and that the phone needs replaced.
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    Your title is a little confusing, so I'm not sure if you're talking about charging (where it's normal for the back to get pretty warm) or just general use when not charging (which is not normal AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK).

    I had one incident with my Pre where it got really warm while just sitting, and the battery drained really fast (could barely charge it because it drained so fast). It seemed that the WiFi was stuck in "on" at the hardware level. I had to shut down and pull the battery (the only way to reboot the hardware that I know of). That fixed it and it hasn't happened again.

    You might try that. But if it continues to get really hot while just sitting inactive, then I'd probably take it to a Sprint repair center (assuming this is a Sprint phone).
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    Actually, as cowgirlupkelly noted it is also a hardware problem if it gets TOO hot when charging. I speak from experience...had a great 1st pre (I don't mean 1st day), but it got hot enough to fry eggs on when I charged it (not when I used it). Sprint corp store exchanged it immediately, no questions asked.
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