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    Can somebody help me, I think that I am going to trade my Pre in for a Pro. The form factor of the Pro seems much better than the Pre. The Pre is ok for the cool factor..but when it is all said and done.. I need it to function better..
    plus no exspansion for more memory..
    no toggle button..
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    no toggle button? are you sure?
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    Toggle button? What is it you need to toggle?
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    Pre does not have a physical 5way nav button like the treos did but with web os its done virtually. Hold down the orange button and start making up/down/left/right slides on the display screen to move cursor and/or select text.
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    Funny, I've just gone from Pro to Pre and you are thinking of going backward?

    I'm far from having the Pre set up to do many of the things I could do on my Pro, but the Pre is so sexy I wouldn't go backwards.
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    What it really comes down to is which phone fits your needs more? I mean your phone is a tool, and if the tool is not getting the job done, you need another tool.

    If you are looking for a gaming device, I would suggest a PSP, DSi or iPod/iPhone.
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    if you don't browse that much and can live with the small screen sure go for it.

    Caution, the Pro is slow in general.
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    Good luck. It is a technological step backwards but for your needs, you might need a Pro.
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    I'm with the others, the Pre is amazing, and for those who dislike it they're going to dislike every phone they get.

    It's not going to be able to go to anything once you're used to the Pre, most phones are on the level of 'speed' and the gimmicks like the Storm's Click some phones employ don't stand to the simple navigation of the Pre. And pay the price and go to the iPhone, you'll be exchanging usability for 'snappiness' apps aside (I'd just get the new iTouch anyway)

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