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    Is there a program that will allow you to manualy back up the phone itself other then the backup feature?

    I was in contact with Palm in attempt to get my Yahoo Messager working and they suggested to do a partial reset. In that process I lost alot of my old contacts so I had to contact palm again and have them pull an older backup from my account.

    I got my older contacts back, but I dont know what newer ones I may have lost, but they would be easier to replace.

    They suggested to change my default account to Google or Yahoo, since you can access/add/delete contacts via the web rather then palm where you have to contact their tech support.

    Is there any such program to where I can plug it into the computer and "dump" the phone to a directory?
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    I did this last night when I exchanged Pres and it worked like a charm:

    Everything else gets backed up via the Palm Profile or is accessible if you put the Pre in USB mode.
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    I did that myself, and ended up getting everything back except profile pictures.

    They're not even pulling off FB.
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    Note that WebOS Quick Install (aka WOSQI) will let you easily copy any file to your PC (Mac?) and then copy it back ... no need to go through all that copying and setting of privileges.

    If you copy the PalmDatabase.db3 (and of course anything you want to backup from the USB/media partition), then I believe you have a pretty full backup of your data.

    If you're looking to export your Palm Profile contacts to Google, then that's a little more difficult. You should search the forums for "export Palm Profile" and you should find several different options for doing this.
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    can someone please clarify what gets moved over if I get a new Pre and utilize the Palm backup?
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    Palm profile phone numbers got restored. I use pocketmirror for Outlook phone, calendar and memos. None of these numbers from Outlook were restored by palm profile, so pocketmirror is great. They restored the apps from the app store, but no data. I had bought Tealshopper and setup stores and items, and it was all lost. Quickcontacts, program restored, but no data. A real pain... Palm Profile is not what I would call a backup and reliable restore..!!

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