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    With the incessant email problems I've had with my POP3 Verizon email since installing 1.3.1, I decided to make gmail (IMAP) my default, and just have it grab my Verizon (POP3) email off the server. That's working fine, so now I want to delete my Verizon account altogether on the Pre. Unfortunately, my Pre just hangs and says "Removing Account" when I try to do so. I've already made gmail my default email account, so I know that's not the issue. I've also tried multiple resets to no avail (and I do not have any homebrew apps or patches installed). Any suggestions?
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    I had the same issue trying to remove my old account: it would just hang and spin at "removing account". A chat with tech support had me do a partial erase and that took care of it. IF you have any patches or themes, remove them first--because they'll be impossible to remove afterwards and will complicate the next OTA system upgrade. HTH.
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    I am having a very similar problem in deleting an email account... How did you do the partial erase?

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    Go to "Device Info". scroll to the bottom of the first page, and tap "Reset Options". "Partial Erase" is the third button down on my phone. It removed all my texts and fouled up some patches which I didn't have the presence of mind to remove first. But, it did solve the problem and remove the unwanted email account. HTH!
    I ♥ my Pre.

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