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    I updated my Pre to 1.3.1 without incident when it came out, after first running the EPR. At first, everything seemed fine, but the stability of my Pre has steadily deteriorated over the past week or two. I am now rebooting my Pre several times a day. I have no experimental patches applied and no experimental software installed. All patches installed via Preware. Plenty of Homebrew apps.

    Here are the issues I'm experiencing, in no particular order:

    1) Just in the last 36 hours, I started getting a random and intermittent popping sound from the speaker on my Pre. This is highly irritating! It's not extremely loud, but it's loud enough to hear from a few feet away. Probably unrelated: this started after I listened to the last PalmCast using Stitcher and using headphones. I don't normally use headphones.

    2) My Palm is waking itself up unnecessarily and for no reason. This seems to be related to the popping sounds. If I touch the power button to turn off the screen, the screen will turn back on (with no notifications) at the same time I hear popping sounds.

    3) Brightness Unlinked doesn't seem to work properly in the dashboard since 1.3.1. I have it set so the screen is the lowest brightness and the keyboard is the maximum, but the keyboard backlight seems to turn off randomly.

    4) Overall stability is way down, with strange behavior. The easiest to explain is that Classic is crashing more often and sometimes won't start properly, always fixed by one (or sometimes two) reboots of my Pre. If I leave both Classic and Agenda running at the same time for a long period of time (hours), this seems to happen more often. However, the crash frequency seems to be increasing each day regardless of usage patterns. I'm also experiencing other stability problems resolved by a reboot, but the other issues are more difficult to explain. This didn't start right after the 1.3.1 update, but at least a week after the update.

    The phone is crashing and restarting more often than it ever did under 1.1 or 1.2.1, and I also have odd problems cured by a manual reboot that I didn't have under 1.1 or 1.2.1. Also, there are times where I cannot get the phone to reboot and I have to either hold down the power button and toggle the ringer on/off switch to force a reboot, or (in one case) I have to remove the battery.

    5) Intermittently, just recently, and perhaps related to the popping and screen wakueps, is finding my Pre very warm to the touch when charging and doing nothing else (with no cards open). This is charging via USB cable to power, not when connected to a computer. (I don't own a touchstone.)

    Note that shortly after loading 1.3.1, I remember Classic being very stable. I've loaded some patches, but none that seem likely candidates to cause these problems.

    If no-one has any good ideas, I may run the EPR and see if that makes any difference, and if it does, apply patches a few per day until I determine the culprit(s). It's difficult to imagine a patch causing the popping noise or the screen waking up for no reason, thought.

    I very strongly don't wish to doctor or exchange the phone, as I have plenty of data that is not backed up anywhere (for example, Splash ID) that would be very painful to have to recreate. If this app even had as much as an export, this would be a non-issue. There are other apps as well, but this is the most critical.

    Any ideas? The popping and screen waking up (which appear to be related) seem more likely to be hardware related, but maybe not. I would have started by removing all patches, but I don't have any patches installed that seem like they would be related to these problems. Also, it's difficult to imagine going back to an unpatched phone!
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    Sorry to drag this thread back up but I've been experiencing this a lot on 1.4.5. The popping and screen wake ups. I've actually gone through several WebOS Doctors, for beta testing and because of a Palm profile sign out. Anyone else experience this or know a solution?
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    I'm experiencing the same thing. I just got my Pre replaced at the Sprint Store with this one (first phone got the "Phone Offline" software failure) and it has been giving me problems ever since.. Crackling Noises, Screen Turning on by itself, Won't go into Speakerphone mode, Keeps thinkin headset is plugged in. Both phones have the 1.4.5 update

    I never experienced this with my first phone
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    I noticed last night that my Pre would turn on by itself then turn off, then turn on again. I sat and watched it do that probably 3-4 times within two minutes.
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    I am seeing the same issue -- popping (especially with Angry Birds), phone getting stuck in headset mode, backlight turning on and off. Didn't have as many issues before the upgrade to 1.4.5. I am on Verizon with a Pre Plus.

    Is there any resolution to these issues? I know the headset mode issue is hardware, but the others are new!
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