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    Im not sure if this is the right section or not but here i go.

    I hate how they made the Lock System waaay more difficult to quickly pass through, i use to like it where you put in 4 digits and it would automatically access your phone. It'd be a little easier and faster. But now you have to put in your digits, and hit done, sometimes my fingers are ******** i miss the "Done" icon.

    But i like how the G1 has their lock system...where you make your own design with the lines and whatnot. Its alot easier and basic.

    Im just wondering if theres a patch around here, if its possible, or if someone can make a patch where you can only add 4 digits and it would automatically access, or create a DIFFERENT type of Secure Lock System. For example the Android G1.

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    The "done" button is required because the Pre no supports PINs larger and smaller then 4 digits. This allows it to be more secure and compatable with some corporate IT polices.

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