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    as a student in persuit of bachelors and masters in meteorology and oceanography im disappointed by weather channel and accuweather because it features weather more for beginners and not always up to date, and dont want to pay for weatherbug cause i have it on my computer. so doing a search earlier about the data they received on stormchasers on discovery channel, i got to the website and found Storm Chasers : Discovery Channel and Home @

    this is the website that shows the mobile app for android and iphone: iMapMobile @

    so i added imaps and was very impressed with the set up and all the tools i need to read the weather. not only does it have everything youll need, its free and i would highly recommend it and used on discovery channel, and recently found out they have an app for android and iphone. i emailed them this morning as to when they will have an app for palms webos. heres the reply:

    Good morning Jonathan

    Thank you for your inquiry. iMapWeather applications for all mobile platforms are currently being developed. Watch for our application in the near future.

    We will keep you in touch as we launch these apps in the first quarter of 2010.

    Lolly Taylor
    Director of Marketing Communications
    Weather Decision Technologies
    405.579.7675 O
    405.664.0332 M
    405.579.7780 F
    Home @

    its as close to NOAA as you will get and expect alot of people to like this one
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    delete this one

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