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    I have deleted most of the apps on my phone and the App Catalog still won't let me download any apps, saying that I've reached my limit.

    I can download from PreWare with no issues. Can anyone give me some advice on how to get some Apps from Sprint's Catalog?

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    make sure in the prefs menu in preware, you have the option enabled to workaround the app limit. then go to and follow the instructions for using mvapp there.
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    This makes sense since preware uses its own package manager service which just happends to do a better job at it. The Palm App catalog does not use this one, using the stock one, and could be its corrupted. Here is the tiered progression to resolve this:

    1. Restart pre. Didnt work? Then:

    2. Partial erase the device. Didnt work? Then:

    3. Go to and run webos doctor.

    Really havent seen this issue go past step 2. Due note that its not how many apps you have that triggers this but the total memory used from those apps. Nuking 10 100kb apps will not help you install a 10mb app for example.
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    I Doctored my pre over the thanksgiving holiday and everything is working again. But I had a lot of patches that weren't being properly removed, don't use WebOS Quick Install and Preware to install patches. Use one or the other .

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