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    Is this phone going to last 2 years for anyone?
    If your with Sprint, shouldn't have to worry about the 2 years since you can upgrade yearly with Sprint Premire program and mostly all Pre's fall in that program. Not sure about Verizon though I've heard the build quality is better with their Pre Plus Models.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fishtale View Post
    I had the same problem but fixed it by doing the following

    1. Remove Power button carefully. take a sharp object from the front of the phone and pull it out. BE CAREFUL NOT TO POP IT OFF AND FLING IT ACROSS THE ROOM!!

    2. Cut a small piece of rubber, about the size of Pre's flash whole.

    3. Drop it carefully above the power button switch (metal piece under actual plastic power button).

    4. Replace the power button by correctly aligning the power button to its whole. Dont force it in or you will break it and your S.O.L.

    Now you have your button working perfectly!!
    Worked beautifully!
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