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    I don't know if this is just me but I find that whenever I have the music player on and run another application like SMS (especially the browser) the phone and applications become extremely sluggish. I think this is mainly attributed to the music player graphics since it's even a bit sluggish running on its own like when changing songs.

    Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar problems and if there is a fix.
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    Yeah the same for me, especially if I use an app like Pandora for music. Right now music/sound is CPU intensive. There's a chance this could be fixed whenever the rest of the sound problems/limitations are fixed.
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    Yes. Unfortunately, I have to keep it open because it doesn't remember which playlist I played last and I need to dig through to continue playback (neither does Remix). So I leave it open a lot and it just bogs down the Pre throughout the day. Another small thing Palm could do to alleviate pain if they cared about it.
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    Yeah, for some reason i just noticed this today. It gets sluggish for me only when the song is playing in the music app. I just cant remember it always being like that.
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    the remix app was baaaad for me. The normal one doesn't give me any problems.
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    This is ridiculous... I wish they would simply the interface for the music player so it runs better and is less intensive so multitasking can be smoother. 90% of the time when I'm listening to music the music player isn't taking up the screen yet it still seems to be hogging the processor.
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    trying streaming music over A2DP. Bluetooth was never this bad, but something in 1.31 made the bluetooth REALLY laggy. If you think your phone is sluggish with just pandora or music app open, stream it with bluetooth and then see how sluggish your phone is. I have literally almost thrown it a few times trying to do something while streaming music at work.
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    I only just recently started using my Pre for playing music, and it's crap. Seriously.

    It plays music just fine, the music player has a nice UI, it looks good, etc. But once you start playing music, two things happen:

    1. Everything on the phone slows to a crawl, reducing it to a glorified Ipod.
    2. Battery life goes down the toilet. If I don't use it for music, I can last all day on a charge. If I start playing music, I drain the battery in 3 hours.

    I'm really bummed by this. There's no reason for MP3 playback to crush the CPU as much as it does. Seriously, in 2009? Are you kidding?

    I can accept *so* many other annoyances relating to the slow response/UI - most of those relate to startup/loading issues. But having a core app like this simply destroy the phone isn't acceptable.

    This needs to be fixed - what's the point of having the feature otherwise?

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