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    Hello, I need some help to make a custom DB for carriers because my carrier is uncompatible with Palm and for a strange reason, from the time I upgraded to 1.3.1 I cannot send SMS which is a huge lost for me.
    Here are my carrier's info:
    Cytamobile-Vodafone (Cyprus)

    GPRS/EDGE settings
    APN address: internet
    Username: leave empty
    Password: leave empty

    MMS settings
    APN: cytamobile
    Username: user
    Password: pass
    Voicemail number: 123

    sms center: +35799700000

    I made a lot of tries but all have been unsuccessful.

    Thank you
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    You must configure matching MNC&MCC codes for your carrier. I don't see those parameters listed in your post so I assume you missed it.

    you can find codes here Mobile Network Code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Hope it helps.

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    I didn't know that...I though it was something like I'd. I will try it. Thank you
    found it:
    mcc: 280
    mnc: 01
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    Did you manage?

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