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    Mine temporarily freezes every time that I try and pull up an email address or phone number. Then the phone is basically unusable for the next minute or two. It can't handle my 4k+ google contacts apparently. It is really one of the worst phones I have had at this feature. Major pain. I am counting down the days to my upgrade date so that I can get something that actually works for business.

    Thought I would post here in case something is just wrong with my phone and no one else has experienced this.
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    have you added any patches or homebrews? i have seen a lot of people complain about various issues and almost all have to do with that.

    i have also heard about clearing unwanted texts and emails helping
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    Nope, no patches or homebrews. Everything on my phone is from the app store or synced with gmail or facebook.
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    Probably a ref/sync check that is happening with Google once you open and/or access your contacts.
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    And this would happen every time I try to send an email or look up someone's number?
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    to send an email or look up someone's number, you're accessing the "contacts" portion of the Pre. It's just a guess though as I've never seen this behavior in any other posts. It does want to sync with Google for synergy reasons (another reason why the calendar can be sluggish at times). I'm assuming that the high number of contacts is causing this but again, just guessing. Don't think if I've ever seen such a high number of contacts on a Pre.

    Not your fault though, you need a phone that can handle this, not sure if the Pre was ready for that many contacts (considering the GPU is sitting there doing absolutely nothing and the CPU is doing all the rendering and multitasking).
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    Everybody look at meeeee. I have so many friends and contacts that it slows down my phoneeeee
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    I had 6500+ contacts and had some lag at the dialer, but no freezes. I finally decided to pair them down to several hundred just to make everything work smoother. There's a utility called Spanning Tools that can help clean up and corruption in your data files.

    Spanning Tools for Mac

    Beyond that I would backup (not the Palm BackUp) and then use Web OS Doctor.
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    well email can have an effect on your phone as well . if you have alot of deleted mail still it the trash folder it will slow your phone. just remember when you first delete an email it just goes into the trash folder then you have to empty the trash too lol , just a thought that may help you.
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    Thanks everyone. Some stuff to try at least.

    As for the number of contacts, its because I am a realtor and we sync our entire client database with our phones to always have access to them. My two coagents with blackberrys have no problem and I have tons.
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    It's possible that the Pre WebOS is still too immature to handle that many contacts with synergy. Bugs still being worked out. Hope you find a solution though.
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    Well I have over 5,000 Google contacts plus 2 Exchange Accounts and they work perfectly, a little lag once in a while. Hint don't delete contacts ont he phone do it on the g-mail account.

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