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    Searched and hope someone had a similar issue with this.
    I'm hoping a dedicated thread could better organize this.

    I swapped my pre for a New one that came with 1.2.1 install. Better build all around.

    Got home and updated to 1.3.1 after doing the usual Preware goodies.

    Well after updated, I noted some of the new features they added didn't really work such as text foward. That and my touch screen and gesture area was acting weird with "random" lockups, just no touch.

    I decided to Doctor it. As soon as I went in, I noticed touch was still bad.
    I plugged in my charger and look it that, touch returned. Installed all apps and preware back.

    The next day it started doing it again, only this time I know how to create it on demand (only I don't demand this crap)

    If the touch is working, when I plug to charger or USB, the touch stops working.
    If the touch is not working, once plugged in, it will.
    Weirder still, if I have it open when connecting, once I close it, it stops if it locked the screen...

    I'm gonna go home later and revert back to 1.2.1 to hopefully see if this helps.

    Anyone else with this?? This does seem like a hardware issue?

    Thanks ahead of time.
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    I am having the same problem since the update to 1.3.1.... my phone was perfectly fine until I updated.. It starts opening things and not responding when I touch it in some areas. I hope Palm fix this update soon because its starting to get anoying
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    when you say same prob, do you mean like mine??
    I really do feel that its the update that killed it, like I said Ima get this thing back to version 1.2.1 to see if it improves. If it does, I gotta see than how to lock it in that version...

    Oh and move all my contacts to Google :S

    Well, in the process of visiting the doctor...hope it is software...
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    Problem fixed....threw out phone and got a refurb lol... I quit..
    My 4th and last phone....unless the next update makes it worth the hassle...
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    Ok, reviving this to avoid having to recreate a new thread.

    This is my 4th refurb pre that felt really solid, that I had in my possesion for 4 months I believe.

    Well, just recently I did a few updates via preware for several patches, until two of them failed to update/+remote.

    Than the damn touch screen issues started again. Just as I described in my original post.
    Well I tried removing all patches, but 2 would'nt. Connecte it to pc for some quickinstaller fun, but it wouldn't detect.

    I figured, I'll doctor the dang thing...I wouldn't detect, neither with the emergency usb mode. Connected it to my mac with win 7 bootcamp. It detected it, but everytime I doctor it, it stops/errors out around 70% and reports "can not reset phone". This happened 3 times...

    So, summary of Prob...touch stops working when left alone/screen off. Pluging in USB cable, than removing it restores touch.

    There must be someone else with this prob....


    I connected the pre to the usb cable with no power at all/no pc and it knocked out my touch...
    once I close the slider, turned off the screen (via power button), disconnect the usb cable, than I was able to unlock phone as normal....@@%##%@#%!

    I have a feeling it has to do with bad usb cable that is shorting/ed something...
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