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    No manual. And spent like 2 hours going thru all the "tricks and hints" I have found online... I am just looking for some simple navigation assistance.

    Bought my Pre on Black Friday from Best Buy and got the touch stone (awesome, btw). So, only had my phone a couple of days, but I havent been able to figure out some things I would think would be intuitive...

    1). Ok, someone txts me and I pick up my phone and touch the icon and read/reply to the txt. Now, while on that threaded "page" someone else txts me and I click the icon in the lower right corner to pull up their "page" and txt with them. I am done txting the SECOND person. How do I get back to the first threaded page? There doesnt seem to be a "back button". The back gesture doesnt do anything. I have to close the current page. Open up the address book. Find the first person's name in the book and click sms text. It shouldnt be this hard. What am I doing wrong?

    2). Ok, so I click the "Attach" envelope on the SMS thread page by accident and it pulls up all my picture folders (wallpapers, camera pix, other image folders I loaded on the phone). How do I go "back" or cancel out of this? I cant find any button or gesture to cancel this. I have to drill down into a folder, pick an arbitary photo, enlarge it, say yes attach this, then when it goes back to the txt page I have to delete the attachment I really didnt want to begin with. Is this really how this is supposed to work?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance offered. I can only hope I am over looking something and being used to my old black berry is blinding me to some shorter steps to these questions.
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    I don't know if this link will work or not but it's where I got the manual. On Sprint's web site go to phone and find the Palm Pre. Click it to open the window. At the bottom is a tab called Guides and Tutorials. You can download the manual there.

    The back or cancel button you want is the back gesture. In the gesture area start on the right and move your finger left at least half the size of the gesture area. That will take you back one screen.
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    Both of these issues use the "back gesture", but don't confuse it with the full swipe (which changes you to another program).

    To do the back gesture (at least the way I do it), start at the halfway point in the gesture area (right above the button), and swipe left. In both scenarios you mentioned, this will return you to the previous screen.

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