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    here is the link and make sure you put this into the same folder with web doctor
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I tried to run the webos repair and still those gray boxes appear... any other suggestions before I run the doctor...
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    We are having the same issues... I had this a while back and in order to repair it i had to run the doctor and it erases all of your info... it was really a pain in the **** and i lost recent contacts even though i updated before i ran it... this is getting frustrating... i love my phone but geesh...

    Who Dat!!!
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    I finally got rid of them... without running webos doctor and losing all of my info... I ran repair utility about 5 times and then emergency patch repair a few times... Yay... I got my "forwarding" back...
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    This is a weird case of a patch or something gone wrong. Glad to see you got it working again!
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