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    cant we just put some foam or sponge on the rails?
    I tought about silicone.
    it's durable. It resists high temp and low temp. is slightly flexible after application.
    but we do need to calculate measures correctly. and there is still the problem of a correct application. which instrument may we use? a nail varnish mini brush will work?
    I've tryed with sponge, you know the one for windows drafts? too soft.
    oh my...I'm going off topic again....

    I feel like I've betrayed all my Palm buds over here. If there was a jailbreak to stick webos on the iPhone, I'd do it in an instant!
    well that would be spectacular...but... what about a sony ericsson xperia x10 with the 1ghz snapdragon and an avalanche of ram and webOS???? I'LL BE SOLD! ........with all due respect ...
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    i don't know you guys, but I'm on researches to understand what can cause the problem of wobbling and oreo.
    My pre developed the oreo after 2 months of normal use and a little fall.
    Now, temporarily, i applied two layers of electrical tape at the base of the keyboard, with the same goal of glue drops.
    But i didn't find any material suitable.
    Did you guys find anything to stop this orrible effect???
    keep me informed if possible! thank you!
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    Any luck, mastahaze?
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    forgot about this thread

    yeah i'd like to know if there has been any progress!
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    hi there C_man and other palm friends.
    actually i didn't find anything suitable to correct the problem from the very inside of the phone.
    I applied a layer of american tape under the gesture area and it worked for me.
    The pre isn't wobbling no more and the oreo effect almost gone.
    This isn't what I thought at the start of my research but the wobbling becamed too pronounced and I initially thought about changing device.
    But as usual I'm a ****in stubborn and I wanted to keep fabolous webOS, no matter what.
    Let's say we cannot fix this thing from the inside, but we have to work out the problem from the outside (for example tape under gesture area), my problem is finding the right materials
    I would like to use, instead of american tape (the same I use to repair my race motorcycle), a very thin layer gum layer similar to the one on the rails.
    That would be much more elegant than using tape...
    I'm so sorry for not bringing you all good news about internal modify, I lost so much time following this problem and doin' tryouts that I'm going out mad...
    I had to fall back on the most effective solution and currently the less elegant.
    Maybe when IfixIt will open up the Pre Plus and will look inside it, I'll (and you also) be able to understand where the problem lies...
    sorry again.
    PS btw this morning my pre won't boot up until I putted off battery and then on again...
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