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    Hi all,
    So I purchased my Pre in mid-June, and all of the sudden over Thanksgiving I've been having problems with my screen. It happened to start after I installed the Brightness in Device Menu patch, but now after a few days, it seems like that was just a coincidence. About 80% of the time, my screen either won't turn on when I hit the power button, or if it turns on, it doesn't turn off correctly. In the abnormal "turn off" the image DISSOLVES, and a dim backlight is left over the black screen.

    1) Anyone had similar problems?

    2) Since I'm guessing this is a hardware problem, it looks like its time for me to go into Sprint and try to get a replacement. Does anyone know if using the Seidio 2600 Extended Battery and new door is going to void my hardware warranty??????
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    ive never read nor heard of that problem, and no, it wony void your warranty.

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