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    I had to use reset my pre using the "doctor" and now all the sprint apps are gone (nav, tv, nascar). Is there a way to get them back? Thanks!
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    Run webOS Doctor again.
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    i was reading where future phones will not come with any pre-installed sprint apps. you will need to goto their website to get them. hopefully running doctor again will help, if not try their app store, they should be free

    ill tell you, i do like sprint navigation. its better then my wifes tomtom
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    I like sprintnav as well, however I always install GoogleMaps. Sometimes sprintnav reroutes me a longer way and its always good to have a backup program.
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    When I downloaded the web doctor, it would only let me download the Bell Comm. version. Myabe thats why it wiped the sprint stuff?
    I tried going to sprints site but the instructions are for regular phones with the "my content manager" ability, my pre doesnt work that way (from what I can tell) Also, is there a way to pull your text messages off the phone to save them while you reset?, Thanks!
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    If you're a Sprint customer and you download the Bell webOS doctor what result were you expecting exactly?
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    [insert facepalm image here]
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    Yeah, that occurred to me, but like I said it was the only one that would work at the time. I'll try it again. Thanks!

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