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    I know that you can re-order the icons on that particular launch page, but is there a way to move them from one page to another? I have the patch to add/remove pages, but I have one page that is seriously over populated and would like to have my most commonly used apps on one page, and the less used not on that page. Umm, I'm not a programmer so if anyone has help that does not involve me trying to reprogram my phone, I'd be appreciative.
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    If you tap-hold the icon the same way you do to re-order the page you can just drag it to the left or right edge of the page (depending on what page you are on) and it will move to the next page. Keep going till you get it on the page you want it on.

    If anyone can explain this more clearly, that would be's getting late for me.
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    Just tap and hold on the applications icons and drag them to the new launcher pages you created...
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    @Gaurav Thanks...I do seem to be a little wordy.
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    If you need to move a lot of icons from page to page:

    Drag the 4 removable icons from the quick launch bar using the instructions above (launcher icon cannot be moved). Drag the icons you want to move to the quick launch bar and easily move them to whatever page you want. When you are finished, move your quick launch icons back to the bar.
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    Ooh, thanks, I guess I hadn't held the icon far enough to the side or something. That worked for me, so thanks again.

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