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    before i start, i want to state that this post is for just story telling, i will give out my experience in my first and only swap i did my pre and i just want to hear other people stories. this is not a topic to fix common problems, there is already a lot so look through there this is just to hear the the experience of the forum users and why the pres were switched.

    mine was switched about 2 months after i got mine[june 6 D-Day for Pre, 11th in line ] and after the two months, my power button crapped out. realizing this was a hardware not software i knew the switch was needed to be done in order to solve this annoying problem. i go to my local sprint store, they dont even accuse of me of any mistreatment, they simply say its a manufactors defect and they will gladly swtich. I ended up with a refurb pre, in which i did not complain at all, and to this date this phone has worked great. the usual freezes happen and slowness, but nothin a 5 minute restart cant fix. but recently i feel like the power button weakening again like the old, and i hope this one does not crap out on me like before. but if it does ill exchange it again like the other pre before.
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    acekilla this is a fun idea for a non-negative thread. I like it.

    My story is simple. The salesguy at at my corp store was awesome, but didn't have a TS for his own Pre, so didn't realize the "nightlight" function was supposed to be there. So he had me bring in Pre and TS to try to trouble shoot and that's when we noticed that my phone was running really hot, as was the TS. So he swapped 'em both out for brand new ones (no refurb), plus I got to keep all the original accessories (double usb/power cords and wall chargers and headphones and softcases, etc.). The only bummer about the whole thing (and this wasn't anyone's fault, nor am I complaining about my treatment) is that my 1st Pre was rock solid and my current one has oreo issues. Not horrible and the phone works great (yay homebrew and patches!!!!)
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    I have no real issues with mine.
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    1:middle button cracks
    2ead pixels
    3:Faulty slider
    4: Still a webos fan.
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    like everything in this techonology world it effs up, techies would know that , and its cool blatherdrift you havent had any problems at all, is it a launch pre or an improved model pre?

    and to blaize, you lucky you got a new pre, i techinically got a new one. i did that code to see when the phone was acivated and it said on june 28 or so, now from june 6 to june 28 to end of july the phone IMO is not a refurbish pre, i do have the small oreo effect, which does not bother me at all since i mess with it every now and then (im seriously playing with fire here) and i dont mind at all i got a protective case for it and the case tightens the loose space on my pre so small oreo effect.
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    mine lasted 4 months with HEAVY use. Dropped it a few times too hard, and had a crack in the plastic casing near the top too. Still was working well, but cracked screen near power connector and I had insurance.
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    I was really lucky! But I think some if it is the whole "catching more flies with honey" thing. If you treat people well when you want something from them, you often get it. Or as Dalton said in "Roadhouse": Be nice until it's time to not be nice. I mess with my oreo sometimes, too. Ain't it fun to live dangerously? I don't have a case, 'cause I don't like the extra weight/bulk. Just keep it in the pouch it came with when I'm not using it.
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    i had my first phone since June and just got it replaced last week (refurb but so far its a lot better than my original).
    My issues were:
    1. phone answering in headset mode
    2. touchscreen not responding when i needed it for VRU entry, when i would touch a number on the screen, the screen would fade to black without accepting the response and then come right back but would not accept screen touches.
    3. i sometimes lost sound after watching videos for more than 2 minutes
    4. screen seemed very loose and wobbly
    5. bad connection when using headset, any minor movement of the phone with the headset would cause crackling and sometimes distort the playback.

    none if this is happening on the refurb phone
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    I got my pre the first day of release. Phone was rock solid, even dropped it by mistake several times due to a faulty AGF Holster. Worked great still! Then had the cracked screen issue from the front button not too long ago. Went to Sprint and they gave me a brand new one. Second Pre had reset issues and freeze issues. Sprint order me a replacement (refurbish), which arrived nect day. Once it arrived, Sprint noticed it was defective upon delivery (buttons on keyboard wouldnt function properly) when they tried to activate it and again gave me a brand new pre free of charge. So far, no problems! Have been Loving the phone from day one, love the functions, love the design...Love everything about the Pre. Sprints customer service has been amazing so far. I do not appreciate Palm sending a refurbish with defects, but Sprint was on top of it. I would however recommend making sure that any refurbish is running smooth before leaving the store if you get one. Run all of the tests, quick tests and interactive tests, before leaving the store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brian.johnson115 View Post
    Sprints customer service has been amazing so far. I do not appreciate Palm sending a refurbish with defects, but Sprint was on top of it. I would however recommend making sure that any refurbish is running smooth before leaving the store if you get one. Run all of the tests, quick tests and interactive tests, before leaving the store.
    I've been really happy with Sprint's customer service, too. I really like the suggestion about running all the tests on a refurb before leaving the store. That may save people a whole lotta heartache!
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    I got my pre the second day of release. Love the phone. It helps keep me organized and entertained. I had some issues with the battery getting too hot and Sprint got me a new battery. Then the phone would crash when sliding open/closed. Sprint fixed it; the new battery was loose. The USB door fell off and the little piece of plastic around the port fell out, then the crack from the usb port started. Sprint said it was my fault, BS. I then dropped the phone and cracked the touch screen, making the right side inactive, totally my fault. I got my refurb last Monday and man, the build is so much better than my original! Apparently I had a horrible oreo and gap going on compared to this one. I just never compared it to anything except the models in the stores and they were about the same. Yeah, I know give it time...but this one just seems so much more solid than the original. The people I dealt with over the phone with Sprint and Asurion were all very nice. We swapped Thanksgiving horror stories while activating the phone Thanks to the hardworking homebrew folks, I still love this phone!
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    I have dropped my pre out of my car, pocket, and clip lol still works properly!!

    its funny, after a drop I just pick it up unlock it by dragging the ball out and then lock it back, to me that's my thorough test on a $500 phone lol.

    its cool to hear that no one had to fight for an exchange or swap, though there users in this forum who did have a heavy weight match against sprint

    someone had a problem with sprint as I posted this, does the broken usb cover bother anyone at all or its no big deal? I wouldn't mind if it fell off feels like it would if I yank it out hard.
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    I don't have a TS so always use the charger port. Mostly in the car on the commute to work and I will answer a call with it plugged in. Since Palm put it in such an inconvenient place, the plug put pressure there and, I feel, caused the plastic to break and the crack to form. I pretty much baby this phone, I had an innocase, but of course the tabs broke so I just rely on a screen protector and my own good sense (failed me once, I know). Besides, I think it is just a good looking phone without a case. No big deal if the cover breaks, you just might get pocket lint etc, in there.
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    Yep just once ( knock on wood ) bubbles under screen sprint said it was my fault so i called palm and they handled it nicely

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