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    I recently got a Palm Pre. Then I broke it. I smashed the screen, so it's dark and cracked. Super.

    I got a new phone at the Sprint store and they said only with the Pre are they NOT able to transfer my contacts. Anybody know of a way to get them? Like how to access the backed up files or something? Anything. This is really lame. And I am hoping not to be FUBAR.

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    Had you set your contacts to sync with your gmail account or your palm account? If so when you log in to the accounts you will get your contacts back.

    Good luck.
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    If you had your contacts backed up to Google, you'll get them when you log in to your Google account. If they are backed up yo your Palm Profile, you may get them back when you log into your phone for the first time, although there have been recent reports of problems with the Palm Profile backup system. If they are backed up to Palm, and you don't get them back, call Palm and see if they'll escalate your problem. Some forum members have been successful at getting Palm to respond. Good luck either way!
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    Palm Account. I logged in to the Palm account and there wasn't many options to choose from on this site. Seemed like a waste of a web site to me.
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    So you backed your contacts up to your Palm Profile in "the cloud" on your previous phone? That may be the problem: see this thread. In that thread you'll find a customer support phone number and a couple of methods which have worked successfully for people in restoring their contacts. You are right, your Palm Profile on the web is not informative at all. But, when activating your phone, it is supposed to sync the information that is stored there, even if you can't see it
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