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    Hey guys,

    I've tried to figure this out a few times. It appears all NBA game radio broadcasts are controlled by They can be streamed, but the player is flash based, so it doesn't work on the Pre. Anyone figure out a way around this?


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    Nope. But the NBA needs to do something! Where is my NBA app and why I am forced to live with sports I never watch.
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    Mike, it takes a little work, but you can make it happen. If you search google for a radio station that plays the team/s you want, you can get the link from that radio station and add it to the paid version of net2streams pro. I'm not a basketball ball fan but in 2 minutes I was able to stream an Atlanta Hawks game. I search google with the words, "Hawks Radio." It told me all hawks games are broadcast on WQXI 790 the Zone. So I went to US Radio Stations - The Stream Center USA - Searchable directory of America's streaming local radio stations. to see if that station broadcasts in a format that net2stream will use. It did. I copied and pasted the link and voila, it worked. I can now stream hawks game.

    I don't know what team you are looking for, but you might have the same luck as me.

    If you really want to go deep with it, there is a sports calendar app in preware as well that will add the games to your calendar with reminders. Then you know when to jump on net2streams... :-) Good luck.

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