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    I get this message all the time now. What is going on? Sometimes I only have one card open and it says too many cards open. I running out of patience with this phone. There are so many problems and I find myself justifying it because I was one of the morons who went out and bought the phone on day1. The only reason I am sticking with this phone is because of the multi tasking. And now it seems like I can't even do that at times.

    is there anything I can do to fix this issue. Anybody else seeing this?
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    I have the same problem. The first couple of times it happened I had little battery left and thought it had something to do with that. But now it happens often no matter how many cards i have open. Annoying! I usually just restart using Luna.
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    I have found the same issue since 1.3.1 I find my self having to restart my phone 2-3x a week now cause of it slowing down, or the too many cards open with just 1 open! My camera will take pictures sometimes & just let me take 1 then go to a black screen, it is frustrating as hell i have had my phone 2 months & i dont remember ever having to restart my centro this often after 2 years of **** installed on it. Anyways i just finding my self restarting the phone & then all is back to normal for a day or 2!
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    same problem here. This started happening after the 1.3.1 update. I have no patches installed, battery life seems to be poorer after 1.3.1 update as well
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    yep - same here. At first I thought it was a memory leak in my app (techtray) but it seems like everyone is getting it. It has something to do with 1.3.1

    1. Is Precorder making it worse? - i.e. is there a memory leak in that app
    2. Is Preware making it worse?
    3. There's another thread on a patch that sets garbage collection to true (which helps to clear memory). So I think there may be a patch in the works
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    Bought my Phone day one in Alex, va. i have the latest up date. I multi task and have experienced the too many card warning once. i turned it off and turned it on no problem since
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    It happened to me once. I just turned the phone off, then back on and it has not bothered me since.
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    I bought my Pre on day one and have recently been experiencing this problem more and more, at least once a week. It happens when I have 2 or 3 apps at most open. Usually when this happens, the phone starts getting laggy and I have to reset. I have a few homebrew apps loaded but no other mods.
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    Yeaaah ...

    I'm thinking it's a memory leak linked to the browser. I seem to get it the most when I have multiple browser cards open.

    I believe it was introduced by 1.3.1...

    Hope they fix it sooon...
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    Very true since the update. I clear my browser cache, history, etc and restart the phone every morning when i get up. This really does seem to help!
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    I've had it report too many cards a couple of times, but waiting a few seconds and then trying to relaunch the app. seems to work.

    I think it may be an issue related to Java's lousy garbage collection system.
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    I never had this issue until the update and I only use two or three cards at a time at the most. Figured maybe it was something I patched with Preware. How many users that don't use Preware are having this issue I wonder.
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    It has gotten much worse recently, could be 1.3.1. Could also be a misbehaving app, whether homebrew of from the App Catalogue. They all run together and can bring the task manager to its knees.

    It's so bad that I'm thinking of using just one app at a time.
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    It's so bad that I'm thinking of using just one app at a time.
    which defeats the major selling point of this phone - multitasking.

    BTW I am not using any homebrews or any other patches... just have some apps from the app catalog. And I am seeing this issue more and more now.

    Although like someone mentioned earlier, clearing the cache, history, cookies etc. does seem to help a bit.

    I guess this is the price we pay for getting a "beta" phone. Should've just waited, but I dont really have much patience when it comes to gadgets...
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    Several threads started previously on this issue. One suggests that this 'too many cards' issue is connected to receiving 'cannot establish data' notifications more often as well. I'm experiencing the cards issue, the data notification, and also my Yahoo credentials have been intermittently rejected a couple times a day now.

    Don't know if that's all connected, but I have not modified the software on my Pre. Have maybe 6 apps from the Appstore installed and am running 1.3.1. I don't recall having any of these 3 issues before 'upgrading' to 1.3.1.
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    Big increase in this problem for me since 1.3.1 upgrade. Happens at the least once a day now, before 1.3.1 it was only a few times over months. I find it usually happens when the web browser has been open a long time or has been through several websites, and I also see it when DrPodder has been open a while. When video has been playing to, though I expect that a little more then the other situations.
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    Happened to me yesterday. I pulled up my calendar, then a minute later, my contacts.... and I got the 'too many cards' error. I have no mods or homebrews, and nothing else was or had been open.
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    I've had the same problem. Most of the time I think it has something to do with EVDO. If you use WiFi you will get the "too many cards" error less often.
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    At one point I think I remember reading the 'Switcheroo' (changes wallpapers on a timed basis) developer mention that s/he had updated the app so it didn't cause this problem. I updated that app but still have the problem. I am also updated to pOS 1.3.1
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    browser, browser, browser. All of you having the error, think back to if you had your browser open @ the time? Money says 90% of you did. Its the ONLY time it happens to me, which is quite often.
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