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    I have THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM!! Could this be due to JSTop's auto GC?
    As stated in the #webos-internals IRC channel, this is not the problem. The problem is that the JVM on the phone eats up to much memory. This problem will soon be obviated as the services that depend on the JVM will move to C and javascript. Hope this helps everyone here.
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    I tell you.. last week I had the TMC issue really really bad! I was getting the error even when I had no cards open, but started getting them when I was playing a movie on my Pre.

    I found out what the fix (workaround) for my phone was. I am using UberKernal and Govnah on my Pre and had the Govnah set to "screenstate". Seems this setting was causing issues with my device and causing TMC errors for some reason. After playing a video for a short time, I guess the Govnah app saw something telling it that the screen state changed and kicked it down to 500MHz... causing the issue. I changed the setting over to "userspace" with the settings of Min=500, Max=800, SetSpeed=800 and the problem with getting the TMC error disappeared. Viola!
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    Thanks! I just updated my userspace settings. I was getting TMC a lot running Radiotime.
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    i get too many cards all the time. make me want to throw the phone like a video game controller. Usually with only one card open. very annoying.
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    16 Candles, The Breakfast Club SB, Friday SB, App Catalog Fix, Palm Pre/Pixi - USB Modem, TMC Workaround, SCRIM Changing OTF

    The fastest way to install Preware on your WebOS device.
    Put your device in Developer mode.
    From your PC download the Preware installer from
    Run the Preware installer while the WebOS device is connected with the USB cable to your PC.
    Vualla Preware is installed.]
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