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    hey friends,

    i have two questions,

    1. i have alot of contacts stored in my sim (only way to keep my contacts from when i used phones), so how can i transfer them into my google contacts or transfer to somewhere and then google?

    2. i was an iphone and nokia user, sim contacts have to be transfered to mobilephone first, so does this appy on pre? if does, how?(similar to above questions)

    thank you, have a nice sunday!
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    Wow, I was just about to ask the asme question!

    You can transfer your contacts using this method:

    But that doesnt export your SIM contacts.

    I have ****ed about but cant seem to find a way to transfer all SIM contacts to my Palm profile? Can anybody help??


    edit: I change the .pl file SQL statement to also export SIM contacts. See here:

    Imported the CSV file to Google and works great
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    go to sprint store and ask them to do it with cellebrite machine then upload to google

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