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    comparing the battery life on a RAZR to the Pre is like comparing the gas mileage of a geo metro and an H3. Its not a fair comparison at all and should not be used. Compare devices with capacitive touchscreens. Anything else is total folly.

    OP if you have another battery test that. If you cant simply go to a sprint corp store and request an exchange or at least a test. If you feel like the corp store cant or wont help you, I would call sprint and speak with a supervisor reguarding your concerns about the corp store. I have had issues with them before, but a call to sprint and a note on my account smoothed the waters for me!
    razr v3m or razr v9m or renegade is very compareable because its a 3g thin battery high powered and high performing phone.. lol your example of a geo metro probably would have to be a sanyo 200. razr v3m is more like a h2 or h3
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    Are these topics even real anymore?? And seriously, all of the informative bugs/fixes threads on this forum....use the search button. Save you alot more time than arguing back and forth.
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    well finally got a replacement... now this one isnt as great either. i got battery monitor this time. battery will not charge while using phonecall and will even die connected to charger, battery monitor even showed the battery as hot at 58 degrees Celsius which is 136.4 degrees Fahrenheit

    also it freezes sometimes. this morning, i was sending a text and it froze on the letter "e" up to 4 texts worth. had to take the battery out just to restart it and hoped it worked. fixed the problem but then again the person i sent it to didnt like the letter "e" that many times
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