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    I have the German Palm Pre with the latest web OS 1.31.

    I have already installed Preware.

    I am wondering how to get the virtual keyboard.

    I already installed "Obsolete Keybaord" but still I am unable to get the virtual keyboard to work.

    Am I don't something wrong?

    Also I have another quick question. Do you guys have developer mode on all the time or do you only have it on when you want to install things from preware?
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    The virtual keyboard is in the list of applications I think. The obsolete keyboard patch is only used when you want to remove the keyboard or have problems installing the virtual keyboard.

    After you installed Preware it is best to switch off developer mode again since your phone is more open for unwanted access from outside as I understand. (virus, hacks etc.)
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    Thanks for your reply.

    Can you let me know what is the application called for the keyboard? I can't seem to find it.

    So the Obsolete Keyboard is only a patch? How do I uninstall this patch?

    More importanly I can't seem to find the keyboard application.

    I will switch off Developer mode after installing programs from Preware. Thanks for the tip.
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    Once Preware has been installed via WebOS Quick Install, you can turn Developer Mode off. It doesn't need to be on to install applications or patches with Preware.

    The Virtual Keyboard is in the Patches category called Mojo.
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    didnt install first time for me, but then forgot about it! just installed now and it worked its really nice, alot better than i thought it would be, and easy enough to press the buttons, even in usual view (not landscape)

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