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    I'm not newbie but I just want some personal experience comments.

    My Pre has gotten to the point where I'm getting many "little" errors.
    Things like too many cards, cant download apps from catalog, and just recently it roams like a mutha ****er.

    What would be the BEST way to just get my pre to a "Just baught" phase?
    I dont mind losing everything as i only have like 80 contacts i can just write down and type back in.. I have all my photos on the comp..

    Like one thing I would like to know, is if its possible to save my SMS messages on the comp and put them back after complete refresh and update?

    Any positive comments are appreciated, TY.

    edit** Wow I just opened up my USB drive on phone in a while. And i see FSCK0001-00027.REC So theres 27 .REC files that ive never seen before in my life
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    Quote Originally Posted by LunaticX View Post

    Any positive comments are appreciated, TY.

    its sad you need to phrase it that way
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzard Jr View Post
    its sad you need to phrase it that way
    Anyone at all with any feedback?
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    yeah the first thing i would do is try using the webos repair utility to see if this can catch any errors in your files , it wont delete any personal data and only takes 30 to 60 min to do and if that does not fix your little errors then web doctor will put your phone back to factory!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    If you have Gmail your contacts won't disappear and Doctoring won't kill any personal files (like music or pics). Shada is right on - try WebOS Repair, then if that isn't enough, Doctor it. There are threads about backing up things like text messages too, if you look.
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    Ok so I'm about to use the RU, and if i can download catalog apps after then ive hit success.

    Anyone know thing about those files on my pre? the F S C K's?
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    Run Webos Doctor.. I did it 2 days ago.. phone was new as out of the box.. update my palm profile and had all my contacts/apps back..

    i did it since i wanted to re-do everything now that i have some knowledge on the phone.

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