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    My Pre is one of the few, the proud, the first batch -- picked it up on the day the phone was released back in June. My understanding is that build quality has changed a little since then.

    This phone is in fair condition, with maybe one or two drops over the course of its five and a half month life. It seems that between constant sliding to answer texts and everyday wear and tear, the sliding mechanism has gotten to a point where sometimes, slight force -- me pressing lightly on the phone, setting it onto a counter or table, and the like -- is interpreted as a reason to wake the device.

    Short of replacing the handset, is there any way around this?

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    there is no screw inside to tighten or the like. i wish it was something easy to eliminate, however its more of a groove type slide where something would need bent to make it tighter, and i wouldnt attempt even on a broken Pre!


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