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    I'm a Proud Owner of a Pre, hahahaha. Just got it this morning from best buy, the guy really hooked me up. Got the Pre, touchstone kit, screen protector, extra cable cord/charger (threw it in for free) and no activation fee all for $140.
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    Congrats and enjoy! Also, welcome to the best resource for the Pre online.
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    Congratulations! You get an awesome deal! When I got my Pre, I paid $300 + tax + activation out the door. That was with the instant rebate and there was also a $100 mail-in rebate. Not to long after the price dropped $50! I contacted Sprint and they actually credited my account $50! That means I paid $150 for the phone. Then another $70 for TouchStone..

    You really got an awesome deal! Welcome and if you have any questions.. ASK!

    Now I'm going to give you some advice that will hopefully save you some time later on.. If you have ANY hardware issues what so ever, TAKE IT BACK TO SPRINT! The Pre has a one year manufactures warranty and Sprint handles it.. very well I might add.

    I've been through 4 Pre's which might upset some people, but I'm actually okay with it just because of how well Sprint handled everything. They shouldn't give you any hassle and from my experience, they'll whatever they can to make sure you have a working Pre.

    Have fun!
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