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    Regarding the latest iphone commercial where they put the call on speaker and do yelp/opentable reservations and google maps. Why can't the pre do voice and data simultaneously? Or is the iphone using wifi? Is it a palm issue or a sprint issue?
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    Sprint/Verizon/CDMA issue.
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    im hoping 4g can or will fix this.

    but i am wondering if you could talk and use wifi to surf

    i dont get my pre until Dec 1st.
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    My understanding is with CDMA it IS possible to do voice/data simultaneously but with Sprint and Verizons implementation of it, it is not possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzard Jr View Post

    but i am wondering if you could talk and use wifi to surf
    Yes, I know for a fact this is possible, I've done it many times. As long as you are on wifi, you can do voice/data at the same time.
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    on my Centro with Sprint, I was able to send out emails while on a call. Never tried inernet while on a call.
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    I used the yelp and was talking at the same time the other day and not I wasn't on wifi
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    It's completely impossible to use Data while on a phone call on Sprint/Verizon. If you think you did it, you were on WiFi or you're lying, or you're crazy.

    Apple needs to ditch AT&T and get with a better carrier. I remember when they got 'booed' at one their presentation showcasing iPhone OS 3.0.. They announced MMS "And it'll be coming to AT&T Customers a few months later.." "BOOOOOO!!!!"

    I love Apple, but I shed a tear seeing them actually sticking up for AT&T.. then again, I'm sure they're just trying to maximize sales before exclusivity runs out.

    Back on topic.. when I had my iPhone 3G I barely used voice and data at the same time anyway.. and when I did I was almost always in a wifi hotspot. Which is another "usual" for me anyway.
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