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    I have some Wave invites I remember some of youguys wanted one.
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    can I get one?

    **edit: going to PM you**
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    i would love one, just PMed you if you don't mind. thanks in advance.
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    I would like to try it...if you want a Gvoice I have 1 left
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    Yea I forgot to put in there to pm me I will send them right out to you guys who pmed me. I will post when they are gone.
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    I am just giving them away, I already have Gvoice thanks I will send you one just PM me.
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    There's already a Google Wave invite thread in the Off Topic section.

    Please send all request and invitations here
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    as I said in my gvoice thread one is for gvoice and one was for gwave. I only made two threads for different things!
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