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    I've read a few posts about people having trouble using the shortcuts in the Pre. It gave me an idea to start a thread all about shortcuts, codes and other cool things you can do with the Pre. I know about 3. It can be anything, even if you think everyone knows about it, you can be sure you'll be helping someone with what you post. Lets see how many we can get.

    Screen Capture: orange + sym + P

    USB Mode: orange + sym + U

    Developer Mode: upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart (I know there's another way but I don't remember what it is

    There's also a way to use the dial pad to get GPS coordinates, find out how much you owe sprint and many other things that I would like to learn from you all.
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    System Reset: orange + sym + R

    Cut / Copy / Paste highlighted text : Hold your finger on the Gesture area so that it lights up and also press on the keyboard X or C or V
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    Developer mode: webos20090606
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    See the Pre Tips subforum. This information and much more was collected some time ago.

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