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    Quiet often I have to send out the same message to about 10 different people. Sometimes it is urgent, sometimes it is not.

    I have been trying to figure out how I can accomplish this task without having to enter in each name manually.

    I have tried to create a profile then link it to all the other people, but that doesnt seem to work.
    I have tried to input the individual phone numbers to the profile, but that doesnt work either.

    Am i doing something wrong? Is it possible?
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    In the create a message screen, you hit enter after each name or number to add another person.
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    i just tested this and i just selected three contacts and hit send, it sent the three messages and broke them out in my conversations view so it "looks" like i sent three separate texts, but it was just one.
    (i don't think I installed any patches for this)

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