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    I am at a loss!

    I had the same phantom gestures as a previous thread.

    However, after I did a reset from within the phone the phantom gestures quit. But now I can't it will not register anything on the lower right side of the screen. I can't access the launcher. And now I can't even push the unlock screen button to get into the pre interface.

    Anyone else have this issue?
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    I've been having some weird issues also with screen (started out of the blue), actually took it to Sprint today, they touched it gave it to tech and 3 minutes later they say i need a new phone. Prior to taking to Sprint i removed theme and did EPR no help, then did a full erase still no help. This is definately a hardware issue. I am on my 3rd Pre already and today TOLD the manager next time they are giving me a NEW Pre, or a different phone, they agreed. Also today i played with the HTC Hero for a few minutes. I LOVE my Pre but i dont know how much longer i can deal with the hardware issues this phone has.

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