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    I wanted to download an app from the catalog today, which did not work. The catalog reported that I do not have enough free memory to install the app. I had 7 (seven) apps installed at that moment. ***?!

    Combined with my email problems, which started to pop up after the update to 1.3.1, I decided that this enough reason to doctor the phone.

    After many tries, I managed to doctor the phone. Everything gone! When I connected to my Palm profile, it told me that there is nothing to sync. ***, again! I triggered a backup yesterday!

    Now I will spend the rest of the evening setting up my email accounts, recreating all my contacts, and reinstalling my apps.

    A huge thanks to Palm for that!

    So far, the Pre is a huge disappointment, even after 1.3.1. If 1.4 isn't a major step toward a feature-complete, stable phone, then my Pre will go the eBay way, and I will get me an iPhone. It may not have multitasking, it has everything else.

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    Many of us been through the same issue with non existant backup and I suggest you use a google account for contacts and calendar, that way they are backed up for sure.
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    use google and do a manual backup of you palmdb as per the instructions on the fp.
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    contact Palm, they can get your contacts back. Then follow the instructions on how to export your contacts to google. And as far as the apps limit there should be a couple threads around here that can help overcome that.

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