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    I know a saw this posted somewhere before but now I can't find it ... when I receive the "sorry, too many cards" error, the card graphic and "ok button" background are both missing. Is there a way to correct this? (note: my phone is completely stock)
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    me too. wht up wit tht?
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    me three
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    I think Palm messed up the graphics in 1.3.1. They should probably fix it in the next update.
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    I dont want to see a graphic...I just want my program to open!

    But its happened to me also.
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    I'm really tired of seeing the "Too Many Cards" message. Palm needs to fix the memory leak ASAP. It's worse than Windows Mobile at this point.
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    yeah, all phones with 1.3.1 (as far as I can tell) have this issue.

    I believe there are also graphics missing on the alarm clock notification when it is going off. I'm not 100% sure, because i'm usually very tired when it's happening, but since 1.3.1, it looked different.
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    New version of card has hit the market with direct x 11
    support through with you can enjoy the games with tessellation instead of old paradox inclusion with true 3 d gaming presently the only graphic cards of anti 58 series are in market which supports the direct x 11 technology..
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    Can someone delete that spam post? sheesh
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    Not to mention the Pre has been a Dog since the update, i mean at least once a day i want to smash my phone to pieces

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