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    okay, so I win a palm pre off ebay. The auction says clean esn and all. The phone gets here and I'm all excited, but sprint tells me I can't activate it because it is still active on the owners account.
    I call the guy I won the phone from and he apologizes and goes up to the sprint store to get it straightend out. But he can't get the phone off the account because he owes sprint money.
    I'm going to send the pre back for my full refund but I was just wondering is there no hope in getting the phone off of his account?
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    only if he pays the money he owes first
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Sprint has basically blocked the phone from being activated on the network until he pays, so there is really nothing you can do on your end, once he pays his debt, deactivates his phone/account, then the ESN will be "clean". Sorry
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    Quote Originally Posted by LC_3720 View Post
    is there no hope in getting the phone off of his account?
    Im thinking some qpst and sprint online chat combined could help you out.
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    Lesson learned. Always get the ESN and verify with Sprint yourself before purchasing a phone from an unknown party. If for some reason they can't provide that to you before purchase, move on.
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    the thing is, I can actually still get on the internet things like that on the phone. But I do understand that I should have checked the number before purchasing the phone.
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    You can get the internet working and not calls?
    type ##3836# into the phone app. is it set on hybrid rev a or something else?
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    its says hybrid rev
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    You could pay his bill...
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    Best Buy are selling pre's for $ 79 today
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    that's with a new contract right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LC_3720 View Post
    that's with a new contract right?
    I'm selling a new Pre, and don't owe Sprint any money, I'll be putting my Pearl back on my account
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    there ya go, 2 birds with 1 stone, haha
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    i'm also going to be selling a palm pre by this weekend. Clean ESN, I owe sprint zero money, it's a recently replaced device from Sprint in near-mint condition. I have a ton of accessories (dock w/built in battery charger, custom fit vent mount, two touchstones, extra charger and micro USB cable, it's had a bodyguardz screen protector on it since I got it. PM me if you are interested. I'm probably just going to put it on craigslist and list in on here but might put it on ebay.
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    well thank you guys for turning this into the
    but I can't take you up on these offers until I ship it back and receive my refund.
    hopefully, its an easy process!
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    It'll probably be fine. And if you paid with paypal, it will be fine whether the seller cooperates or not. Give it time to get back to seller, day it gets back, he should refund. If he doesn't, file a dispute with paypal. They'll hold the money from his account until the case is settled.

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