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    Just wondering if anyone else took advantage of the great price on a new Pre (79.99 for upgrades TOO)? I got my wife one to compliment mine of course. My only complaint was that I still had to go through 3 boxes to find one without a hug gap and an "oreo" effect. I love my Pre it's just that little bit of hesitation on the hardware that makes me not feel great about a new phone.
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    i ordered hers yesterday to ship soon. Let's see how this story unfolds. I only switched mine once when I first bought it.
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    mine doesn't have a problem with a gap. This phone seems well made to meeeh.
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    Bought mine at the Bell store two months ago, no hardware problems so far.
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    just curious,are you guys seeing people buying the pre/pixi a lot at bb today? I was at radio shack and no one was really buying cell phones. Best buy mobile doesn't even have sprint phones here...the sprint store seemed prett busy
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    "Oreo" effect?
    Is it better dipped in milk?
    Kidding...what r u referring to?
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    Took advantage of it here. At my Best Buy it was $50! I was tempted to get one myself (this one was for my lady). I saw two people in front of me both getting Pre's, so that made me happy seeing Pres being sold.

    Hers was built sometime in August. It got really hot while charging, and it only came with 1.1 installed, so before we did anything we installed 1.3.1 on it.

    I'll be asking you guys a lot of questions and searching a lot since this is the 1st time she's had a phone that I've never had
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    i was not sure if there were going to be enough at my local BB to get one so i woke up early on t-day and ordered it online. shipped today (friday) and should be here tuesday from what fedex says.

    it was a tough call. did not know how long they were going to run the special on friday, and i did not want to miss it, so i just played it safe and did in the comfort of my own home. would have been fun to camp out, but really i do not care as long at i get it for $79!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaggrey View Post
    I'll be asking you guys a lot of questions and searching a lot since this is the 1st time she's had a phone that I've never had
    We added a Pre at Best Buy today. They were packed. The manager said that only the free phones had outsold the Pre. If you have missed out, call your Best Buy and see if they still have Pres.

    And to everyone just getting a Pre or Pixi...

    Start with the Tips and Tricks link in my signature below. The Pre does so many amazing things that no one knows about when they get it. Many are not documented.

    I would say to get your gmail account set up if you don't already have one as a great way to backup your calendar and contacts. Also see the Getting Started: Homebrew Apps, Patches, and Themes with WebOS Quick Install and Getting Started: Preware.

    Make your first Homebrew app be Music Player (Remix). You will be amazed.

    But the real magic is in the Patches that let you add a hundred features to your Pre. The best part is that they are as easy to install as a Homebrew App. Dozens of patches are featured in the articles There's a Patch for That (Part 1), Part 2, and Part 3 plus here is a full list of patches.

    See the other links below.

    You are about to have a blast!

    - Craig
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    Ah, I need to start looking into patches. Thanks!
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    The Pre was $79 and the Pixi still $99 at my Best Buy. I bought my wife a Pre yesterday for an early Christmas present. In the time we were there, they sold 4 Pres including my wifes.
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    I ordered one for my friend online (he doesn't have a cc) they called back today and said they were sold out so my closest bb is 45 mind away and they have one in stock that they are holding for me until 5 I called them at 9 this morning
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaggrey View Post
    Took advantage of it here. At my Best Buy it was $50!
    which BB did you go to here in Miami?
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    got a Pre today (finally). they had touchstone kit for $39.99. gave me 20% off accessories, so touchstone was around $31.

    great deal at BB.
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    Picked up my Pre on Friday, last one in the store at 11am. Fairly painless process considering their computer system was on the fritz and had to fill in some paper forms/contracts instead. I usually upgrade through the Sprint Store or website.

    Been following this site religiously since the Pre was announced, so it's nice to finally have one. I was planning on waiting for v2 (and more memory), but couldn't pass up the price and my Samsung m610 started to give me battery problems like it wanted me to stop waiting and upgrade now.

    Now all that it is left to do is patch, install some homebrew, and get tethering working with my ipod touch. So thank you for putting all those links in one place.
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    The patches are great, but do them one at a time. Actually installed the LED one which knocked out the email notifications. Once I removed it, got the email notifications back, so do them one at a time and it willl definitely make the phone even better. Enjoy your new Pre.
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    Bought my girlfriend a pre 28 days ago at BB. Went in and got the discout on the phone and the TS. They said they couldn't do it at first, so I threatened to just return them and buy new ones for the lower price. Worked like a charm. Got 106 dollars back!
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    I picked up one for my wife....great deal!!
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    I got my upgrade yesterday. They only had three left. LOVE this phone, went from a Treo 700wx...
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    yeah, the only phones i saw being bought were palm pres. I was at the Houston galleria location.
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