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  • Yes! My spacebar doesn't give great feedback too!

    23 69.70%
  • No, but I have another key that suffers the same thing.

    1 3.03%
  • No, all my keys provide 100% perfect feedback

    8 24.24%
  • Don't understand what you're going on about... anyway, back to loading my Pre with patches & apps..

    1 3.03%
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    Hey all,

    I'm on my second GSM [O2, UK] Pre now and both I've owned seemed to be lacking feedback for the spacebar key.

    All other keys provide a nice 'tick'/'click'/'press' noise and feeling when used [i.e. you clearly know when you've pressed it] however with the spacebar, I just don't get the same feedback. Esentially, if I'm not looking at the screen, its hard to see if a space has been input in the text or not. No physical feedback.

    Best way to describe it is that you'd think it feels like that after prehaps being pressed 100000000 times, not when its new.

    Wierd how both my Pre's have had this 'feature'.

    Anyone else?
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    I'm pretty sure that's the way that they are designed.

    My pre also has less tactile feedback/click as oposed to the other buttons, but that's the way its designed.

    The space bar is the most commonly used keypress and it makes sense it is easy to press, as I'm typing this from my pre its very fast and efficient, if you learn how to touch type you would appreciate the function of the space bar being wide and easy to press.

    I honestly like it how the way it is and do not see it as a design flaw in any, shape or form,

    just my 2p.
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    My "A" key clicks strangely sometimes when pressed but is fine at other times. It works ok but it's a little disconcerting.

  4. c_man's Avatar
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    yeah i have the same issue, one day it just didnt feel as deep anymore, infact now its harder to press buttons

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