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    I have a small problem, but it is definitively a bug, so is there any way to report it to Palm?
    I have created a launcher for a contact and after that have linked this contact to another and after that have deleted the original contact (the one with the launcher). Now the launcher is still there but when I click on it, it says Broken link. I don't see any possibility to delete it from there, it was possible to delete the launcher from the contact itself, but the contact itself is no more.
    I think I could correct it, if I delete the file in /var/luna/launchpoints, which is used as a launcher, but it is somehow irritating, that such simple consistency check are not implemented in the contacts-App.
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    Not a place to file bugs exactly, but it's the best we've got, and Palm has indicated that they do pay attention to user feedback: Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA
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    You could also call Palm customer service--they can file bug reports.
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    The only two ways I've seen to report bugs are on the Palm web site. There's a "Feedback & Features Request" form here:

    Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA

    And, there are Forums on their Support pages where some of the moderators work for Palm and will answer questions and (supposedly) report bugs.

    Neither is very satisfying as you usually don't get much in the way response or any indication when/if a change might be made. But those are the best I've heard of or found.

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