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    Patch to add additional names to text messages ...same as adding additional receitants in emails... add a (+) buttin on the botton of the SMS/Text screen so additional receiptants can be added to one text.. would be awesome -)
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    I don't understand what you are trying to accomplish? You can just type the contact's name in the address bar and select them. Then type the next persons name. Or just click the address book.

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    maybe he means while in a text convo, rather than openning a new text entirely
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    That wasnt my thought but now that you mentioned it.. that would be cool as well... actually Abyssul.... set me on the right track.. I was starting my text message from the main screen and typing in a name and choosing from the launcher....which will not allow you to add others... if you enter into messaging you do have the option to add others... so thanks to you both.... i do like your idea of adding while in conv.... -)

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