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    Hello everyone,

    I'm getting this error Unable To Load Page with Error loading page.[2056]. Getting this popup now 1.3.1 and before the version also.

    I get this very often from h t t p:// and site. Once I get this error, I have to hit the refresh button at least 7/8 times to load the page.

    Is there any resolution for this error? Any thoughts?
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    Have you applied any patches? I just started noticing this today myself, and had installed some new patches last night - most notably deleting and installing updated version of Smartflex 500 patch (need to remove to see if there's any relation)

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    Not really.. I'm having this issue from the day 1. I'm working with Palm support for this issue and will let everyone know if there are any findings.
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    Can't help I haven't had any problems with loading pages.
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    first thing to try is open web then go into preferences top left and delete or clear cookies and cache . then try again. if not that then go into device info app and preferences and do the interactive and quick tests to see if everything is working properly
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I had the same issue. I removed a preware app called adblocker and the sites I got the error from are now loading.

    If you hold the link that was causing the error, a button will open giving you options.Select 'open in a new card'. The web address I was getting the error on contained double-click int the URL.

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