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    I think I'm going to start from scratch with my phone. That's fine. I've already used WebOS Doctor once (pre-1.3.1) and it went fine.

    Here's the thing:

    I want to start TOTALLY over, like when it came out of the box, kind of start over. The "Full Erase" isn't really a FULL Erase in that it just dumps anything personal, the OS isn't wiped. The WebOS Doctor wipes the OS, but the last time I did it, personal apps/info/etc. was all still there (some came in from Palm Backup, some stuff was still just there (IIRC)).

    How can I do both? Start TOTALLY over, with nothing personal, no apps, patches, nothing *AND* and fresh from the ground up install of 1.3.1?

    If I uninstall apps ("legit" and Homebrew), all patches and do a manual Palm Backup, that should take care of most stuff and in theory still get my contacts back (yes, I've read about how faulty Palm Backup is - that's why I say "in theory"...), that's about as close to a totally "new" phone as I can get without LITERALLY getting a new phone, right?


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    well i guess you could go into pre in usb mode and delete everything you see and then web doctor your phone then you have to find a way to manually back phone up before your phone synced to your profile or call your provider and ask them to delete profile or use a different email address ?? not really sure to tell the truth lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    what did you end up doing?

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