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    I bought palm pre(sprint, clean esn) via ebay. and I'm live in Korean not US.
    so I can't use sprint network.

    I did bypass activation. it works well. and then I turn on wifi. wifi works fine.
    so I can use default applications well. for example, google maps, web, YouTube.

    But if I try to create palm profile, it's always show 'Profile creation failed' message.
    I don't know Why.

    anybody help me about this plz.
    I will very thanks....
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    How did you get past activation? please help?
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    Quote Originally Posted by B-Raaaad View Post
    How did you get past activation? please help?
    Metadoctored WebOS Doctor? If so, I have a modded Sprint WOS Doctor 1.3.5 to bypass activation. It hasn't been tested yet, but I didn't get any errors in creating it. If you decide to try it out, let me know if it works.
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    Hi rockdoli, Did u able to solve this problem. Please let me know the steps bcos I'm facing same exact situation with my pre.

    Thanks in advance.

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