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    I had a first generation Blackberry Storm, which I hated, though the Storm 2 is looking better.

    Definitely an upgrade for me!
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    treo 755p is what i had!!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Blackberry curve
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    iPhone 3G 16gb
    My Palm History (in order): IIIe SE, m130, Tungsten|T, m505, Tungsten|T3, Zire 71, m505 (owned two different ones), Zire 72, Tungsten|C, T|X, Treo 650.
    After that I got a Apple iPhone 3G, Palm Pre (GSM), Google Nexus One.
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    Motorola RAZR, needless to say quite an upgrade!
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    Treo 650.. dam OLD
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    Samsung Instinct (SPH-M800)
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    Motorola RAZR2 and my trusty Palm T3
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    Centro - Ewww I hated it. So glad to have my Pre.
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    HTC Touch (the original one), man that phone was old school but served its purpose and could run Android of all things.
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    motorola i870 nextel .. This is my first smart phone!
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    Centro, didn't hate it, but the browser was atrocious! Pre is definitely a step up. I will say the calendar on the Centro was better, but having a better browser trumps the minor shortcomings I've experienced with the calendar.
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    Instinct (SPH-M800) here and before that a blackberry.. Forget the model number
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    BB Storm, biggest piece of c##p that ever owned. I was walking out of the Verizon store frustrated because they told me I was stuck with the Storm for 18 more months when I noticed the sign in the Sprint store for the Pre. I walked in started trying it out was amazed how simple the IU was and when the salesman said I could try out for 30 days I purchased the phone right on the spot. After one week I bought out my contract from Verizon (I figured out that it would only take about 3 months to recoup my money back due to Sprints kickass rates) and the rest was history.
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    BlackBerry 8830
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    Centro (and before that, the 650). Major upgrade, although I do miss the ability to record video.....
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    I had a verizon branded HTC 6800 (mogul) and boy was it gimped!

    Pre is so much better in every way!
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    Blackberry Curve 8330, HTC Mogul, Palm 700P, Palm 700WX, Samsung MM-A800, Samsung MM-A700
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    had a highly moded 800w, thanks the TreoCentral became a decent phone except for no ear bud jacks and lousy audio qualities. I like the Pre, thanks to this forum and the great people that make Pre better. Have not had any problems with 1.3.1, thanks to following instructions herein precisely and Pre did not automatically update. Got a lucky break, I guess.

    Clie>Treo 600p> Treo 650p>Treo 755p>Treo 800w>Palm Pre
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