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    iphone 2G, got Pre for ease of use and feel in my hand and synergy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rambrush View Post
    HTC 6800 aka Mogul

    probably, the best phone i ever had. can not kill this phone, dropped it more times then i can count. i have actually abused this phone the last few months so i could get a new one (i wont swap unless its needed) and it will not die.

    my phone is 3 or 4 years old now and still running strong.

    but my pre is coming dec 1st
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    Blackberry 8700c > Sidekick LX > Blackberry Curve 8320 (T-mobile) > Blackberry Curve 8320 (Sprint) > Palm Pre. I'm a constant phone switcher haha
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    Samsung Instinct
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    Nokia N73, I hated that phone!
    ...and love my Pre
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    I had a Motorola i560, on the Nextel network.
    Didn't want to upgrade because of the plan I had & getting a fragile smart phone.
    I'm on my third phone, and getting ready for my fourth (screen getting brown tone).
    Am definitely happy with it.
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    Samsung SCH-u740. Liked the phone but hated Verizon.
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    I was using and still have my old Treo 800w. Even with all the problems, it was a pretty decent WM phone. If not for the Pre, I think I would have upgraded to the Palm Pro instead. Alas, Palm unfortunately stopped supporting WM. Too bad because Palm made some of the best WM devices out there...
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    Ugh! I was stuck with the Sanyo SPC-3200 for 3 years! I LOVE my Palm Pre!!
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    I had the HTC Touch Diamond 2, excellent phone in many ways, but the Pre has it beat for ease of use and web browsing
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    I had a HTC Tytn (Now over 3 years old).

    Brick, very slow with windows mobile. In the end, if i answered a call, it would actually take a few rings to establish the full connection --> If I didn't answer the first or second ring, the caller would be on my voicemail.

    So the Pre is a major upgrade in every way. Feedback from people who call me: "wow, you answer the phone quickly nowadays".
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    Blackberry Curve 8330...never again
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    Blackberry Pearl and Treo 600 on t-mobile prepaid. My first contract phone.
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    I had an HTC Mogul. I also had the Spb Mobile Shell program for it. I actually have a video where I compare it to my Palm Pre. I was appalled by the time that it took to launch things and the number of times I would have to touch an icon on the Palm to get them to respond that I needed to make a comparison video.

    I wanted a Pre (because I like the new/shiny stuff), and finally pulled the trigger on the device a couple months ago. While the screen is MUCH better than the Mogul and the form factor is the best that I've ever had on a smartphone, the experience is the worst. For example: in the video, it took 28 seconds/17 seconds/22 seconds/6 seconds for the Messaging app to come up. There typically is some variation, but it is almost always close to 20 seconds or better for the app to come up. It took less than 2 seconds on my Mogul each time (and I have over 12,000 text messages already on the device). This isn't the only instance, it is just one example. Yesterday at work, my 100% battery lasted less than 5 hours (no calls/messages/email)...My main issue is that it is clear that WebOS is not (even currently) ready for primetime. It does so many things well (ie. the notification system is incredible/web browsing is MUCH better even with Skyfire on WinMo), but the performance leaves much to be desired.

    In a vacuum, the Pre may be able to come into it's own and flourish. I fear that by the time the OS begins to feel polished, it may be too late. I am an average user and not a ******. Before anyone flames me, I would like to point out that I still have and use the device as my main phone. I've spent over $60 on apps (largely due to Chapura), and I want it to succeed. I am merely saying that in my experience, the Pre performs worse than my 2.5 year old Mogul. I am happy at the progress being made to improve the OS however, and I think that the spread of the OS amongst other carriers my keep it alive. I hope.
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    Sony Ericsson K750i LOL!

    Pre is my first smartphone.
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    I had an HTC Touch Pro and now I think Im going back to windows mobile HTC TP2
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    Palm Centro (See the sig)
    Former: Visor, Prism, VisorPhone, Treo 270,Treo 650, Centro Now: Pre
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    iPhone 3G for me. Liked the iPhone, but was annoyed I didn't have a convenient way to switch between apps and the lack of AT&T 3G coverage in my area.
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    Heh.... a POS LG Rumor (1st Gen). That phone sucked so much we didn't even give it to our kids, but upgraded them to a Sanyo SCP.

    I've had a TON of smartphones/PDA phones, from everyone but Apple. The Pre is far and away my favourite hand-held device EVER.


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    See below. Nothing but Palm OS based phones for over a decade.
    Kyocera 6035 > Samsung SPH-i300 > i330 > i500 > Treo 600 > 700p > 755p > PRĒ Minus > Touchpad & FrankenPre2
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